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Client feedback

Our recently acquired set of bamboo tamboo are already getting full use by our pupils of all abilities. Fun, easy to use and adaptable, they are a great way of increasing rhythmic complexity into existing pieces or an enjoyable way to learn about rhythm patterns for the first time. They're also proving pretty durable and easy to store so I feel we've got good value for money.
Helen Bray
Head of Music Loreto Grammar School
Just to let you know that I led a workshop in the Cedars Academy – one of our Gateshead schools for pupils with special needs. The students greatly enjoyed using the bamboo tamboo; the workshop was related to pitch, and we started with a procession around the building whilst other colleagues improvised. The students found the bamboo tamboo easy to handle and played with great enthusiasm and confidence. The instruments are a splendid addition to our range of resources!
John Treherne
Head of Gateshead Music Service
I used to think I wasn't musical until I tried Bamboo Tamboo, but I am quite good at it. Please can we have more chance to play Bamboo Tamboo?
Ellie Dunne
Pupil Woodlesford Primary School
I extremely enjoyed playing Bamboo Tamboo. I wish we could play it every day.
harvey Hickling
5 He Woodlesford Primary School
I really enjoyed the fantastic lesson about Bamboo Tamboo! It was great, I loved learning all about the tunes. I like the blue tube best. Can you come and teach us again?
5 He Woodlesford Primary School
I think the best part was when we put the song together. I think it is important for people to do Bamboo Tamboo because wwe did a lot of Team Work. I would recommend Bamboo Tamboo to other Schools because it is fun.
Maisie Fletcher
Pupil Woodlesford Primary School
Last week we all went into the hall to play Bamboo Tamboo. We all played different rhythms and we all played them very well. And we all laughed out loud
Charlotte and Lucy
Pupils Woodlesford Primary School
Bamboo Tamboo was amazing. The colours of the Bamboo Tamboo were red yellow and blue.
Lilly and Millie
Pupils Woodlesford Primary School
i enjoyed learning the Bamboo Tamboo. We like to play because it is fun. I have learnt a lot of skills in the session and loved learning it. Thank you.
Harvey Maude
Pupil Woodlesford Primary School
I liked the different tunes that we played like 'Billy the Donkey.' I found it very fun and cheerful. It was amazing.
Olivia Whitely
Pupil Woodlesford Primary School
It is not often that you find a resource that ticks so many boxes towards the delivery of outstanding music lessons. I will be using these wonderful instruments and the training I received in my future teaching. The students and staff at Airedale Academy had a wonderful time participating in this project. The performance was a huge success and we will definitely be doing it again. Thank you Bamboo Tamboo.
Jonathan Hull
Teacher of Music at Airedale Academy
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